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Acting workshops/courses – Snippets of feedback from the students

“When at ‘Misfit’ I felt special and important. I was made to believe that i had the potential to act…My experience at Misfit was not an experience I can put behind me and move on. It is a painting…‘Misfit’ will be an important part of my life. Today. Tomorrow. Forever.” - Arjun Kamath

“When I joined MISF!T, I only wanted to learn how to act and be good at it, but Ratan taught me not only the basics of acting but also to be a better person.” - Lenoj

“Course materials offered by Ratan/Misfit for Level1 is so much fun that, it is at times addictive.” – Seshan

“I fell in love with acting after the workshops I have done at misfit…I think if u want to learn how to act and at the same time make loads of friends and have fun. Then u should do a workshop in misfit. Trust me.” – Vijay

“I would recommend MISFIT to anybody in Bangalore who has any aspirations in theatre…Don’t come to MISFIT if you want to learn about acting .Come to MISFIT if you want to unlearn anything you think you know about theatre or yourself.” – Milan

“It’s been unforgettable and wonderful experience to be a part of ‘Misfit family’.” – Monica

“Thanks MISFIT and especially Ratan for All the good work that happened during the workshops and presentations.” – Piush

“It has been a long and great journey across my two batches in MISFIT. I’ve learnt a lot, made lots of new friends and really enjoyed the whole process!” – Urmila


  MISF!T® – Ratan Thakore Grant’s Studio for Acting

Latest Feedback

Abhisek Purkayastha(uriaheap at gmail dot com)
I am a Batch 29 L1 pass-out certificate holder. All my batch mates who would speak about great things they have learnt as part of the Misfit L1 course. I would however like to do some constructive criticism about Misfit :
1. The first and foremost problem with the course is it will break your inhibitions. Just imagine all the inhibitions that you developed and nurtured in your 20+ years of existence all gone in 6 weeks. Is this fair? 20+ years of hard labor all gone in 6 weeks.
2. The next problem is the concept of magic within you that misfit preaches. Just imagine living like a copycat all through your life was so easy. Do things just like everyone else does and die. Now with this concept suddenly you start feeling you may have something completely different from others. Pathetic.
3. Making simple things complicated is another problem with the course. I always believed acting is copying any character from a movie and portraying it on stage. Misfit teaches you to portray real characters on stage. What a waste of time and energy.
4. A major drawback of the curriculum is that Misfit will teach you more than what it promises. We all came with an expectation that we will get what is promised in the course and we ended up learning more. That was a shock, a major shock. Hence these courses are not recommended for the faint hearted.
5. Another problem with Misfit is that it preaches the concept of “No one is a star”. I have personally seen Misfit Students from previous batches (all of whom are doing great in their professional life) coming to the studio and cleaning the floor , mentoring students , working late night with students and helping them prepare their script and hone their acting skills. You can reach out to them any time and they are always ready to help you out. All great human virtues life being self-obsessed, superiority complex is non-existent in them.
6. The scariest part of the course for me is the responsibility of holding an extra property and an extra family. At end of the course you will have a new home called Misfit and also a new family the MISFIT FAMILY.

So think twice before you Join Misfit ……


Lyria Kurian(lyria dot kurian at gmail dot com)

“Welcome to hell”
How nice a line to greet someone. Well! Don’t be shocked but this is exactly how everyone is welcomed at MISFIT. Trust me when I say, if hell was MISFIT then I would love to be in hell…
One heck of a roller coaster ride. Pulls your inside out… It’s a different world, aura and feel out there. Mr Ratan Thakore Grant, known to many as Baba, Guruji, I would call him “Zeus!”- the most powerful, articulate, knows it all, charismatic, tantalizing, smart, assertive yet; kind, etiquette and fun loving. I’m so proud to be trained and nurtured under his wings.
MISFIT never felt like a class room or an institute; it was more like friend’s catching up for a beer. Which made it easier for the teaching to seep in. A lot and loads of learning and fun.
MISFIT is not just any class but a Journey, it’s a WALK…

A walk to embrace yourself
A walk to look confidence
A walk to seek conscience
A walk to break inhibitions

A walk to discover magic
A walk to invent ideas
A walk to spurt emotions
A walk to get unwrapped

A walk to find YOU.
A walk to MISIT…

Abhishek Krishnagiri Amarnath (abhishekka8589 at gmail dot com)

Coining a term as ‘course’ for this will not be fair, I would say it is an “EXPERIENCE”. This is surely one of the Bucket List item for those having even slight interest in acting.

My journey with MISFIT started with an hour long interview process, not only Baba (Ratan Sir) but the previous/senior Misfits were there. Why acting? What next? Why Misfit? Are you Serious about acting? Any experience? What were you doing in your previous plays? Uffff… More than the questions, every sentence a senior would say about course and Baba, was like a warning. Had money in my pocket, had registration form in hand, and a dilemma in mind, but made my mind to just go ahead and finally registered.

Yes, I did take a right decision… The course was a PAISA VASOOL.

Two days before the course Started, a mail came making me more conscious, where a list of rules (some warning like “Hell breaks loose”) are written and then a greeting saying “Be Good…”.

First day of course was exactly like first day of college, room of strangers. But the Breaking inhibition activities did a magic, we all became comfortable. And in a span of few weeks we became good friends, learnt a lot, had great fun and now we have our final exams of L1 course i.e. our grading and all of us are practicing for the same.

Course content is properly designed and baba teaches in a perfect way adding one on the other incrementally.

Course is not bound just inside 3 walls and 1 mirror, in some activities we go out on to the roads and execute. Still those exercises and activities are fresh in mind :) .

Improvising gets your spontaneity ON. Observation chapter surprises you to see how the world behaves and also yourself. And after this observation chapter, you will really start observing every minute details. Pantomime class, lot of fun it was. And then comes my personal favorite trust chapter and blindfold activity, where we learnt not only to trust our co-actors, but how much responsibility one needs to take for the play, and also realized how bad we use our senses. Though this was a blindfold activity, it was an eye-opener for me. Thanks a lot Baba.

Acting is really not easy at all, lot of technicalities involved, but under the guidance of Baba the Acting Guru, for sure you will learn the process clearly. Looking forward to learn more.

AbhishekA, a proud MISF!T :)

Latest Updates
  1. MISF!T® (My Interest Stays Firmly In Theatre) presents “This, Humse Aagolla” – Level 1 Batch 31 grading on 1st March, 2015 at 7.30 pm. For tickets, call 7259918322. For details, please check the Events page. Some of the photos of the course-in-progress is available on our facebook page at Week 1, Week 3 and Week 4.
  2. MISF!T® (My Interest Stays Firmly In Theatre) is starting its new Level 1 (Batch 31) acting course/workshop on January 24, 2015. First round of interviews and registrations on the 11th of January, 2015. For details visit Events page. Call: +91-9241500886.
  3. MISF!T® (My Interest Stays Firmly In Theatre) presents the second season of “Strangers” – A collection of short plays on November 22nd and 23rd, 2014. Tickets priced at Rs. 199. For details visit Events page.
  4. MISF!T®(My Interest Stays Firmly In Theatre) is starting its new Advanced Acting Course(Level 2) – Batch 11 on November 1, 2014. For details, check Events page.
  5. MISTF!T® presents “Stuck in Concept” – Level 1 Batch 30 grading on 7th September, 2014 at 7.30 pm. For details, visit Events page. Some of the photos of this grading is available on our facebook page at Stuck in Concept. Photos beautifully captured by Amit Ranjan Sahu. Some of the photos of the course-in-progress is available on our facebook page at Level 1 Batch 30 – Work in Progress.
  6. MISTF!T® presents “Strangers” – a collection of short plays on 23rd and 24th August, 2014 at 7.30 pm. For details, visit Events page. Tickets priced at Rs. 199/-. For tickets, call +91-9740236898. Tickets available on
  7. MISTF!T® is starting its new Level 1 Batch 30(Beginners) workshop on the 2nd August, 2014. First round of interviews and registrations on the 20th July, 2014. For details visit Events page. Call: +91-9241500886
  8. MISTF!T® presents “The Characters”(A Student Performance from Level 2 Batch 10 Students as part of their Grading) on June 1, 2014. Tickets Rs. 100/-. For details, visit Events page. Some of the photos of this play is available on our Facebook Page.Photographs beautifully captured by Amit Ranjan Sahu.
  9. MISTF!T® presents “Connectologues” V2.0 “Masks” (an abstract weave of unrelated monologues) on 27th April, 2014. For details, visit Events page. A few articles about this play is available at our Articles section. Some of the photos of this play is available on our Facebook page at “Connectologues” V2.0 “Masks”. Photos beautifully captured by Amit Ranjan Sahu.
  10. MISTF!T® is starting its next advanced acting course(Level 2) Batch 10 on the 26th April, 2014. For details visit Events page.
  11. The level 1 Bacth 29 grading finished on Sunday,2nd March 2014. The photos are available on our facebook page at Album 1 and Album2
  12. MISF!T®’s Level 1 Batch 29 started on 25th Jan 2014. Some of the photos of the course-in-progress is available on facebook at Week1, Week2 and Week 3. Photos beautifully captured by Ankit Bharadwaj, Archana Shetty and Vishal Nair.
  13. The theatre of the alchemist – An article featuring MISF!T workshop for the Times of India’s “Bangalore for Women” campaign and the feedback from some of the participants – Mar 19, 2013.
  14. Times of India’s “Bangalore for Women” campaign organizes a theatre workshop conducted by Ratan Thakore Grant/MISF!T®. Details available here. Link to the complete article available on the Times of India website available here.Photographs available on our facebook page.

Ratan – on the teaching of acting:

I have always believed that acting cannot be taught – we are born with that ability.  All of us are amazing, brilliant actors.  When we act in “our real life”, we have a strong belief, that those, for whom we are putting the act on for, are unaware of our inborn talent to act [to lie is a part of it], therefore, most of the time, utterly convincing. But, when we are on stage or in front of the camera, we know, that those who are watching us, know that we are acting and we become conscious of the act.  Thus, the only thing about acting that can be taught, is to blur the line between reality and make believe.  In actuality, it is quite simple, but to achieve this simplicity [of acting ], the path is a difficult one.

Acting is connecting to one’s inner self and when one tries to do that, doors and windows are opened, which on a conscious level, one is never willing to open.

It is my belief, that acting is a way of enriching oneself, those around you and those who are around them.
Be good [Take your acting seriously but not so yourself]“



Excerpts from article in Youth Post, dated June 25 2010.

“The first step towards becoming an actor is ‘LOSING INHIBITION’. We are all so concerned about others judging us and the fear of being ridiculed is rather magnified in all of us.”

“As an actor, one learns a lot about oneself. One has to continuously confront oneself. Spirituality is enhanced in the acceptance of who you are, in discovering and accepting yourself. Then give back.”

“Acting is 60% science and 40% an art. The foremost requirement for an actor is DISCIPLINE and DEDICATION. The misconception of glamour associated with the industry can be thrown out the window. An actor’s life is a hard life, with strict time lines, research, practice, and a lot of hard work.”


Excerpts from article in The Times Of India – “The theatre of the alchemist”

It was a varied group that converged at Ratan Thakore Grant’s theatre workshop in Koramangala on Sunday morning. Once the event started, there was a certain alchemy at work. Inhibitions melted, even the reticent articulated their views, the women acted as one in the next couple of hours and high energy flowed. The transformation was purely magical.

TOI’s Bangalore For Women campaign included a theatre workshop, which provided women an insightful glimpse into the nuances of theatre, while also offering them something more. With inhibitions gone, practitioners entered an intimate, sacred space, which is very empowering. Grant said: “People are afraid of being seen as ‘foolish’ and that holds them back. Right from the beginning of the workshop, I wanted them to get rid of that inhibition. Then expressing themselves through their bodies comes naturally. They can make use of their voice effectively and it will help them in their communication.”


Excerpts from article in The Times Of India – “Are you a Misfit?”

“There are a lot of people who are passionate about acting and do not get a proper chance as they are poor in English. We lose brilliant actors because of that. Acting has got nothing to do with the knowledge of English. Everyone’s accepted here, even those who do not confirm to the norms.”

“All of us have an inherent ability to act, we just don’t know it. And when we have to perform on stage, we become conscious. I help my students let go of that inhibition as that’s the only thing stopping someone from becoming a good actor. It doesn’t matter if you have an American accent or an Indian one.”


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